Blues players from Minas Gerais

Formed in 2010, the band is in the highlights in Minas Gerais blues scene and released their EP in 2016. The band is headed by Shello Silveira, who worked with important national blues names and founder of the bands: Hot Spot Blues Band (1990.1994) ( 2001/2006) and Loretta Funkenstein (2001.2007)

Blues players from Santa Catarina

With about 30 years working in pro blues, Mustache Maia was once considered the promise Blues Brazilian and also Florianópolis blues legend.
Another fighter on land without law!

Blues players from Rio de Janeiro

Blues Etílicos is the strongest brand in the national blues. Since the mid-'80s, the band formed by Flávio Guimarães, Greg Wilson, Otavio Rocha, Peter Strasser and Claudio Bedran has been producing an extensive authorial work, and write tributes to their major influences, and released twelve CDs and a DVD

At 10 years old, he began to study. At 18 already exercised professional activities, teaching and accompanying artists and bands. In 2015 form Leonardo Nascimento Blues Band, working mainly with music copyright. The band is now preparing its 1st EP, while acting in Rio music scene including style classics in their shows.

It's a harmonica player and brazilian composer, considered blues pioneer in Brazil. In late 1985, he formed his first band, Blues Etílicos. At 88, he went to Chicago to take classes with Sugar Blue and Howard Levy. Back in Brazil, he began to transmit their knowledge to a legion of students through their courses and workshops.

Big Washington, plays an acoustic version called "Delta Mississippi Blues", which is used only acoustic guitar, harmonica and voice. A well root style, 30s and 40s, sources of Rock`n Roll. With this work he has been presenting himself in the Região dos Lagos, Serrana (RJ) and Minas Gerais.

Blues players from Rio Grande do Sul

Oly Jr., is a gaucho blues icon, mixing various elements with blues, such as rock, American folk and gaucho and milonga. He made strong partnerships with Julio Reny, Gaspo, Solon Fishbone, Gonzalo Araya (winner of "Azoreans Music Award" four times).
It is also guitarist of the band "Irish Boys". "The Tocaios" is his backing band.

Blues players from São Paulo

Born 08/07/57 in Cabinda, Angola, Nuno is considered by critics and fans as the main blues guitarist of the country. His records are played on the radio and on television. Eric Clapton fans describe according to a spray-painted wall that said "Clapton is God". In Brazil, the wall says: "Mindelis - Brazil's Guitar God!"

Big chico is now one of the greats of the national blues. With 20-year career has performed throughout Brazil and countries like USA, Europe, Chile and Argentina. Recorded 05 CD's and 2 DVD's, His 3rd. CD was recorded at E.U.A. and his second DVD, alive, in Argentina.

With 25-year career, Marcos was one of the founders of Cia. Paulista de Blues, has played with Celso Blues Boy in his band, as well as Fikle Pikle and Blues Jeans Band. Besides playing with B. B. King, Magic Slim, John Pizzarelli, Ron Wood, among others.

More than thirty-year career. In the '80s was guitarist of the "Controle" band and also of Kid Vinyl. singer. Has released 4 albums "MPBlues" in 2000, "Drive" (2006), "Cuíca" (2009), "The Blues Trail" (2012) and recently the "Route 145" (on CD and App format) . It is also an author of the biographical book Kid Vinyl - A hero of Brazil.

He is 27 years and is among the most promising names of the new crop of Brazilian guitarists. In 2016 he released his first solo album, "Borderliner". With production of Amleto Barboni, the disc also includes the participation of the austrian organist RAPHAEL WRESSNIG, as well as big names of the national blues scene.

Paulo Meyer starts his carrer at the early 90's.  First as Nuno Mindelis harmonica player and soon as band-leader of the legendary Expresso 2222 band. Which was created by him and his actual drummer Paulo Resende. A band that influenced a generation of paulistan bluesmen.

Blues Beatles is the meeting of the vocal sound of the Beatles with the contagious rhythm of the blues. Songs like "Help", "Ticket to Ride", "Yesterday" receive new arrangements, where some striking elements are preserved and other modified so that the blues universe get into action.

Street Blues is formed by the guitarist and vocalist Daniel Marques and the harmonica player and drummer Leandro Street Blues. This duo stands out for presenting a different format, where besides the voice, harmonica and guitar have also an acoustic drum, making the sound even more full-bodied and contagious.

He is only 30 years, 13 of then for the music. In 2014, In 2012 he opened to Budy Guy shows in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Artur had  been on tour in Europe - where it was 'headline' in "Augusti Bluus Festival" (Estonia). He also toured in England, Mexico, Argentina and the United States. Launched in 2015, their 3rd album, "Drive me".

On the road of the blues since 1999, Michael Navarro formed his Blues Band in 2012, which has emerged as vocalist and harmonica player. He launched the CD Special Tracks (Official Bottleg) in 2013 celebrating his 14-year career. At the same time it presents itself in a acoustic format, having in their repertoire: blues, classic rock & folk.

Considered the leading artist of blues Brazil, André Christovam brings with a history of over 30 years of road. Were years of study and many trips playing with several legends of the blues.

The most active South American band internationally. Participating in major festivals and having passed through countries such as Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Chile, Denmark, Paraguay, Mexico, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Norway, Switzerland, Luxembourg and the United States.

Marcio Maresia brings in his luggage: experience, technique and musicality. Noteworthy is the modern technique of playing harmonica. Of the 17 years of experience, there are 13 plays with the great American singer J.J.Jackson, with whom he recorded 2 CD.

At 16, at the piano, he's already accompanied artists like the singer JJ Jackson, Blues Brotherhood, Corey Harris (USA), John Pizzarelli (USA), Andrew Christovam, Lancaster, Big Time Sarah (USA), Deitra Farr (USA) and the legendary Blue Jeans, with which he recorded a DVD with Magic Slim. In 2004 opened three times shows B.B. King in São Paulo.

The humble but not less talented musicians of the Obijubá get together whit the mission to bring blues to Brazilian public. Which spice will use? Pepperi? Coriander? Parsley? Here the unknown.

Bruno Sant'Anna sings and sounds the cajons as a battery. André Carlini plays harmonica on another level and in metal lines or guitar riffs. Andrew Youssef in vigorous piano, brings the swing of New Orleans and Edu Malta with fine bass grooves complete this small and powerful group

Despite being violist, he has always been dedicated to blues. Currently serves with the project "Junior of Violla Blues Experience" (former School of Blues) doing classic through a blues power trio of guitar, bass and drums. For information about your blues course go

With Eurico Douglas (guitar and voice), Victor Marcellus (drums) and John Paul Martini (low), Boogie and Blues brings a pulsating repertoire, mixing blues, rock and soul, creating a show full of variations and nouances. Each show becomes a unique spectacle.

Formed by pianist and harmonica player and Alex Campelo and the drummer Ita Portela. the duo has the feature to make music adaptations of other music styles to the blues. They differ as a band with a compact sound where all bass and harmonica lines are made at the piano  beyond the harmonica solos and with the precise and engaging percussion.

Paulistano, guitarist for over 20 years and interpreter is characterized by its swing and solos with remarkable footprints. His show demonstrates a range of influences through established artists. He is currently composing and working on the basis of his first authorial disc.

Band formed in Franca by a group of musicians and friends whose used to perform in the same place. General Blues puts on its autoral music a blues style with no tethers or labels. In 2013 released their first album "Space Blues" . Now, they are frequent in the "Todo Seu", the Ronnie Von show and  commonly seen  in the greatest shows of Brazil.